HEY! Glad To e-Meet You…

I am
Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

I know we’ve not met in person…. yet. But you seem to be interested in me and I can’t keep calm when someone asks about my story.

So, start scrolling and you’ll know me better. In a hurry? Why don’t you call me instead?

Before I Say More, You Should Know I am a

Who Knows How Businesses Work

You won’t have to tell me how the business world works. I say this because of what I was doing way before I started working with other businesses. I spent a few years handling my family business- a 90-year old traditional business in a small town in India before I took the leap of faith towards my passion.

If you ask anyone around, they would say Anmol was quick to learn things and chart his own path. I won’t say I have learned it all but I know how to use what I know to make things work. My expertise lies in writing and weaving stories that attract, engage and influencing people online. Infact, you can say it’s my superpower.

So, the thing is – I am not your average writer or marketer. I care about your business and its success as a whole. In fact, you can always call me to talk about things that can improve your business bottomline.

That’s who I am – a marketer who worked for a business before honing his craft as a writer. I understand business from your perspective and use my experience to create actionable marketing and growth strategies.

My Relationship with Numbers Wasn’t Working Great 😔 So..

I Flirted with Words & Marketing Came into my Life

When I signed up for the commerce stream in school, I felt as if I have found love. But just like everyone’s first love, this didn’t work out.

We were good together, but not great. I graduated with a commerce degree in my hand and the onus of being a CA on my back but I ditched my first love.

Found love again in writing and ‘Writing & Me’ now have a big family – marketing, copywriting and organic growth are our kids and don’t even get me started on grand kids- there are plenty.

My Epiphany & My Karma

Marketing in the Times of Internet

I was lucky to have found love early on and soon realized that marketing was my true love.

Now, I help entrepreneurs like you find and hold on to their true love- growth in the times of internet.

If you ask me what is my approach towards marketing, I will sum it up in just four words: Don’t over complicate it!

Just like you don’t like long queues in a drive-thru, your audience also hates when you beat around the bush. It took me quite some time to understand this but now I know.

If you’re curious how I came to the realization, I can take you on a quick ride through my journey lane.

Why should you care about
my marketing journey?

I didn’t stumble upon marketing in a course or a program. I got my hands dirty in mud and learned how to create actionable growth plans. This helps me relate to your pain points as an entrepreneur.

I donned several hats over all these years to gather insights you won’t find in a blog or a marketing manual.

Business Partner
Generational Trading Business

I come from a business family and spent 4 years after school learning the fundamentals of running a business.

I managed operations, marketing, business development and supply chain.

Part-time Writer
Small Town Local Newspaper

Writing bugged me soon after and I started working for a local newspaper.

My piece on Narendra Modi was featured on the cover page of the newspaper when the Prime Minister took the oath.

Offline & Online Marketing Manager
Investment Advisory Firm

Okay! This was my first job as a content person.

Soon I found myself dealing with clients, offline & online, handling marketing and creating resources to help the sales team get better at converting leads.

Franchise Consulting Firm

I developed content/copy for brochures, flyers and pitch documents to inform and convince a potential investor for investing in a brand ready for franchising.

Here I got my first chance to work with big brands across F&B, Healthcare, Retail, Fitness and other booming industries.

Content Marketing Firm

Unfortunately, this didn’t work out quite as planned. But who are we without our failures?

Started with a co-founder, improved my understanding of the online world and content marketing but had to shut shop because we weren’t on the same page.

Independent Consultant/Freelancer
Content Development & Marketing

This is me- right now. I have been working as a freelancer since 2017 and it has been an amazing journey.

I use my knowledge from past experiences and create content, devise marketing plans and consult startups and small businesses.

Enough About Me… Now Let’s Talk About You!

I Love Listening to Entrepreneurs

I am who you call in the middle-of-the-night asking how to not blow your brains out when nothing’s working.

Okay. Not literally. I don’t want you to have a sleepless night and dial a frantic call. But if you’re worried about your business, I won’t mind listening.